James Corthell (gizmolay) wrote,
James Corthell

Ok, I went back and made all of my entries "Friends Only". If you decide that you would like to take a gander into this fucked up existence that I have been told is called life, feel free to add me to your friends list and I'll return the favor.

I post on average 3 times a day, so theirs always something to read...

The reason for me setting everything to friends only is because people enjoy fucking with my head either through AIM or E-mail, and thieve come across my LJ account, that or random users who want to fuck with people... I just decided their not worth my time and decided to just set everything up so I don't have to deal with childish individuals.
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Hey you. <---My new journal. Add me.
Ahh, hey sweets, added.
you need to go here
She made it quite clear that she doesn't want me to be a part of her life, I told her that I'd give anything to have her as a friend but she wouldn't have it...
i'm an LJ paid member from st. louis, mo.
i noticed we have similar interests (house music, benzodiazepenes, etc)
anyways, i understand that you don't trust many people, so check out my LJ user info and recent entries.
but, i love househeads and benzodiazepenes...i'm actaully a promoter (www.boogieknights.net) and a pharmacology PhD student. if you want a new online friend that does NIT fuck with good souls' heads, feel free to add me to yuor friends list.
if not, peace, and have a better one =P
Are you still alive
Man I've been so swamped with the wife, work, diablo II, that I haven't had too much time for LJ heh; plus now I'm running a large website (UGN Security) tryin to promote one (ProMod Networks) plus working at HostNuke :sigh: tryin to get the wife a jobby job in SE Portland now :/
nice. sounds like things are good. were are you living at now.
Back in SE.
Well So am I. What part of SE
Milwaukie, over towards Clackamas Towne Centre...
Are you back out at your moms placce.
Sadly; my ex roomate fucked us over, he owed us 5 months rent that we got after we lost the appartment; now my credit is fucked.
Dude that does royally suck. You should be able to repair it after a few months. Just get the back shit taken care of. you still working out at stream.

Re: Nah


12 years ago

heya, could you add me to the Oregon list? Not sure if I was supposed to ask here or there...maybe I'll do both...yes...
Go to the oregon community info page and click join like everyone else...
I'd like to read it. I have nothing better to do most of the time, and youyrs is probably more interesting than mine...:)
I'm new here I just signed up yesterday. I'm a little comfused on how all this works. I put a few post up. Yesterday I was feeling very manicy. Today I checked my posts and saw that no one replied now I'm depressed. So I'll send you a hug and all I ask for is a hug in return. I was just diganosed with BiPolar 2wks ago durning a 10 day hospitalization in the Crist Psyc. ward (the whole story is in my journal yesterday). You said you understood because you've been through everything. I'm sooo comfused I'm on medication for the first time and not sure what I'm supposed to be feeling like. In the hospital they explained that the "euphoric" and "hyper" feelings are part of the disorder. But they just feel normal to me, I thought I was just depressed. I'm so comfused, I said that already. So okay here I go what do I do. WHAT IS NORMAL? The doctors haven't been able to answer that question and I sure as hell can't.
hello, I was wondering if I could post an announcement for an event in your oregon community.
depends on the event
It's a book reading/signing featuring two Portland authors.
Go for it.
hi, I live in Portland, and I'm just looking around too.. I'm some what shy. It be nice to meet people. so, if you want to talk something just leave me a message or something.
I got banned from the poetry thing FOR NO REASON. God, and Dr. Fagus did it.